Singapore Half Marathon 2011

SingaporeHalfMarathon-24 1389
The Singapore Half Marathon is one of the less frequented marathons in Singapore. Even though there were less people running, the people who took part did not run any slower…

The sky was quite dark when I stepped out of the house. In additional to that, it started raining when I stepped out of the cab. Then again, this kind of weather is the best for the Singapore Marathon runners. however, it is a very bad weather for someone with a camera.

Yes. The photo was not digitally enhanced. It is that dark.

Since I had alighted at the wrong point spot of East Coast Park, I had to walk towards the venue for some distance.

After walking for a while, I was this sign, and I know that I was on the right track.
And thus, I reached the 12km mark.

And soon, the finishing/starting point shows up in front of me.

Apart from the Singapore Half Marathon, The Pink Ribbin walk is also held at the same venue.
And so, adding to the “normal” public crowd, the east coast park became quite pack at this part of East Coast Park.

After waiting for a while, (a long while actually) the first runner appears….
SingaporeHalfMarathon-22 1438
bearing the number tag 1438

Followed by the elites.
1389 is close behind…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-24 1389

And so is 1247.
SingaporeHalfMarathon-25 1247

The female runners came running towards the finishing point after a while as well.
SingaporeHalfMarathon-35 first lady

And the 2nd lady runner came chasing after the leader.
SingaporeHalfMarathon-36 1057

Runner 0005 wore his signiture tee-shirt as he ran passed the camera, ahead of many others….
SingaporeHalfMarathon-288 0005
By the way, the website on his shirt is here.

For some reason, I felt that the runners of this Singapore Half marathon are more “friendly” towards photographers, as they readily poses for my camera without prompt. They do not have to, but they did anyway.

And here are some of the other runners who I captured…

1388, who ran a little too fast for my 70-300mm F3.5 to capture him…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-33 1388

And runner 0160, whose friend was waiting for him near the finishing point where I stood….
SingaporeHalfMarathon-52 0160

Runner whose number ends with 003 looks like he enjoyed his run…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-83 0003

Runner 0466 gave his very best for the run…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-93 0466

Runner 0515 was quite ahead of most of the runners…..
SingaporeHalfMarathon-122 0515

While runner 0845 is happy to strike a pose for my camera.
SingaporeHalfMarathon-115 0845

Runner 0329 is quite a head of many runners younger than he is…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-156 0329

And Runner 1123 strikes a victory pose without any problem.
SingaporeHalfMarathon-168 1123

Runner 0434 ran with his cap…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-209 0434

And Runner 1563 had no problem running ahead of man and women younger than she is.
SingaporeHalfMarathon-196 1563

Runner 1318 and 1320 ran together, and finished the race hand in hand…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-230 1320

Runner 0626 ran with the new sony waterproof headphones….
SingaporeHalfMarathon-248 0626

And runner 1114 is happy to see the finishing point…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-234 1114

Runner 0455 is full of energy as he passed my camera….
SingaporeHalfMarathon-233 0455

Runner 0356 gave a very cool “V” sign as he ran pass…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-285 0356

Runner 1205 was at top form as he passes me…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-303 1205

Runners 1248 ran with a companion…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-320 1248

And runners 0521 and 1258 ran with their friend as well…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-335 0521

Even after 21 kilometers, this unidentified runner see no reason not to enjoy the last stretch to the finishing line…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-464 xxxx

Runner 0347 looks happy to finish the race as well…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-478 0347

Some serious cyclists joined in the fun…

While runner 0284 spared no effort at giving the camera a wave…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-489 0281

Runner 1373 ran with his favourite iPhone…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-516 1373

And this unidentifed runner is also happy to finish the race…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-542 xxxx

Runners 1319 and 1253 wore matching jerseys…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-574 1253

While runner 0659 wore the “official” jersey…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-572 0659

Runners 1244 and 1259 ran together…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-603 1244

But had their own victory pose…
SingaporeHalfMarathon-604 1259 SingaporeHalfMarathon-605 1244

Much as I wanted to, I had to leave the area, even though there are a lot of runners still running in the race.

So, did you ran in the Singapore Half Marathon?

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