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Nendoroid Petite: Hatsune Miku Selection

ねんどろいどぷち はつねみく せれくしょん Nendoroid Petite: Hatsune Miku Selection, is a series of Petite (or Puchi) Nendoroid. Here is the video unboxing / review…

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Kuroneko ( 黒猫 ) Sweet Lolita Scale Figure Unboxing/Review

Kotobukiya finally released their figurine of Kuroneko, decked in a wonderfully laced pink dress. Accompanying her dress is a pair of nekomimi, or cat’s ears, Here’s the video review.

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Girls und Panzer – Nishizumi Miho – Niitengo Promotional Figurine by Dengki Hobby

Today, we have a Girls und Panzer – Nishizumi Miho – Niitengo Promotional Figurine by Dengki Hobby and Toy’s works. Here is the unboxing video …

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AFA 2012

This year’s AFA, had the largest crowd I ever saw since I started going two years ago. And yes, apart from life-sized Sabers, there were a lot of Dollfie Sabers… I counted up to 19 Sabers. Anyone had the official … Continue reading

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The Worst (Hakata) Ramen ever!!!

This is a special message for Ramen lovers, and especially those who are travelling to Fukuoka (near Kyushu), Do not, visit this Ramen store. This is how the Ramen chicken noodle of the above mentioned store looks something like… Believe … Continue reading

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STGCC 2012

The 2nd day of the STGCC, or the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention was on the 2nd September 2012, a Sunday. Armed with my trusted 7d, and a new diffusior system, I went to convention Hall, hunting for Cosplayers … Continue reading

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AFA MY : Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012

Thanks to the AFA organizers, we have an Anime Festival at Kuala Lumpur this year, about 6 months before Singapore’s yearly AFA.

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Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode 6 review

This episode started with a girl chasing after the 3 protagonist….

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Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode 1/2 review

When I picked up “Daily Lives of High School Boys”, I wasn’t expecting much. Boy, I was wrong…

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Griffon Enterprises Dog Days Millhiore Firianno Biscotti 1/7 PVC Figure Review

Imaging Millhi from the series, Dog Days, wearing her favorite pink, flurry dress, running towards you under a clear Saturday afternoon sun in an open field…

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