Tiger mate hacking Immotion

If you see this, your server is tinted…

Imagine how shock I was when I saw this in the directory of my home directory today…

Wondering what it is, i opened it up in the web editor and saw something else…

Immediately, the words, “Tiget mate”, caught my eyes.
A little googling reveals that…. this Hacker, Tiger mate, had managed to hack into the Bangladesh site of leading search engine Google. It seems that some clients experienced being diverted to the “Google Bangladesh OwN3D by TiGER-M@TE.” page, rather than to the Google site they were used to, according to bdnews23

Puzzeled, I continue to search among Google for other leads. Similar postings by fellow Bloggers began to come up, each one reporting almost the same thing: the “index” file of their servers was being replaced, and it shows this page instead of their own:

Some bloggers, like the urban cowboy, posted solutions for people who are affected. Thanks to them, many affected people, including those hosted on inmotion hosting, had their webpages recovered in no time.

Strangely, I was not affected, or that the fact that I only logged into my site on the 26th of September meant that Inmotion had restored my site, living the “hacked_page” behind.

Thanks, Inmotion, for both letting our servers to be hacked and your effort in restoring the damages.

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