Singapore Taekwondo Federation Tourament 2010


I had the honor of being allowed to photograph the event as an volunteer and was quite happy to meet some comrades who like photography on the event. My friend, who participates in the event had suggested me to volunteer for the event to brush up my photography skills, and so, I gladly accepted it.

Well, as you can see from the first picture on top of the post, the Taekwondo tournament is for the dedicated. One single kick from a particiant could send a person’s brain flying out to places it was not supposed to.


Flat noses are not uncommon for seniors, as they are allowed to score points by kicking their opponents’ head.
Yes. Seniors are allowed to kick their opponents.

THe supporters are full of energy as well. Their cheering are so loud and united that my ears were ringing after the event when I was walking towards the busstop.
Team ACME won an award for being the best cheering team. You can see clearly their enthusiasm from the photo above.

Only at major tournaments, can you see the faces of people who’s pride and years of training are decided withing a few minutes.
During the the tourament, faces will twist. Sweat will fly, and legs will fly.


Yes. It is only in these tourament that you can actually see people flying, although often for split seconds.

From the top of the sports hall, one can get a bird’s eye view of the action. Many of the supporters stood at the point where I took this shot to support their friends/families.
around 2-23

In the mids of the the dream bashing and dream making…

In the mids of the fight, new friendship are forged.

Feel free to view all the other photos in my Flickr account here.

Will I come to the tourament again? You bet. It is the ultimate test of a photographer’s skill. To capture the action in an indoor sports event, one had to be prepared. Me? I wasn’t. Not like Mil Cire’s who was fully prepared. While I was using my Canon 550D and my Tamron 60mm macro F2, he was using his nikon D300 with Nikon’s 70-200 F2.8. As a beginner, I really learnt a lot.

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