Clalaclan Philias Alter Armor Version


Clalaclan is a character in Shining Wind who is protrayed as a beautiful princess, much like Alicia in Aria.
However, she is a unique character as compared to other princesses in that, she has much lesser screen time, and that her existence is more of a supporting character.
Nonetheless, her prescence on the screen brightens up the whole scene and Alter capture her battle stance so that we can have a “little Clalaclan” with us on our table all the time.

First of all, the box…

You can see that the box is… quite big. It is not the size of the usual 1/8. Azunya’s box is… very tiny in comparison. Of course, you can see that my box suffered some transportation damage. But that is the idea of the box in the first place, isn’t it?

And the goods that are protected are inside…


Clalaclan’s dress filled up most of the spaces within the box. Her shield is quite broad, and her weapon of choice happened to be a huge cross, which is also about as wide as her shield.

From the sides……


you can see that Clalaclan’s dress armor is really, huge. In fact, if you knock just clightly on the protective package, Clalaclan’s weight will cause the whole package to oscillate for a while. This is quite different from Saber Lily’s figurine from GSC, although both of their knights have very beautiful dress armors.

Upon closer inspection, you see that like Saber Lily, she is secured to the transparent protective packaging with wires. Not normal wires, but ones with rubber coated on it to prevent scratching the figurines.

Clalaclan is secured around her arms….


as well as her left ankle.

Taking out the wires are easier as compared to Saber Lily. While Saber Lily’s dress more or less blocked the access to the wires, Clalaclan’s wires are easier to reach.

Clalaclan’s name and the series/game she came from printed on her base. Without the printings, the base will look like a white flying saucer, much like Mizuno’s and Azuasgawa’s base, made about 4 years ago.


A common feature of both Clalaclan and Saber Lily: both of them wore white pantsu and garters. And for some reason, Alter and Good Smile spared no effort in showing them off.


And, here is a more decent view of her Clalaclan’s Armor dress…


Like Saber Lily, Clalacla’s wrapped up in protective plastic layers all over her limbs.

Her feet…

as well as her hands.

Overall, Clalaclan was heavily suited up, just as she was protrayed in the anime/game.


The attachments to her feet are of the simple two rod type on the left foot…


And a single rod on the right.


My only concern for Clalaclan is… whether she will lean. Her feet seemed very out of proportion to her Armor Dress her weapon of choice isn’t small either.

Her dress are welll made to the extreme that it was scary. Viewed from below, the Armor Dress displayed the details of a 17th century prinncess’ dress, although I am sure that a 17th century princess would be wearing a lot of clothing under her dress.

Over here, we see a pantsu.
Yes. the aim of this photo is to show you her dress. But due to the fact that the productors knows what man wants, they usually put in illogical things like wearing nothing except a white pantsu with stockings, in an age where every piece of armor helps the character survive a bit longer. Well, I cannot complain much. Clalacla, if she really exists, will probably go into battle with about 298 voluntors around her. About 180 of those around her will be willing party. The others will be her body guards.

Clalaclan ties up her long and silky hair with a big, blue ribbon. Alter freezes her hair while it was flowing in the wind and replicated it on this figurine…


The view from the top is perfect, isn’t it?

And here is a closeup of her ribbon.


And a closeup of the tip of Clalaclan’s hair.


Here is the frontal view of her “flowing hair”.


There are serveral crosses around Clalaclan armor. Here is one on the back of Clalaclan’s right elbow.


And there is one big cross on her shield as well.


Looking at Clalaclan, I began to wonder, how could Alter squeeze in so much details for a figurine at this price? Take for example, Clalaclan’s right hand.


Clalaclan’s hand shines as if she is really wearing a real armor.

On Clalaclan’s ankles are little armored wings faithful to the anime/game. Although it would had been better if the feathers made of transparent materials like Nonahs’s, Clalaclan’s armored wings were repricated faithfully is already more than one can ask for the price of the figurine.



In the photos above, you can see clearly that there is a layer of clear plastic around Clalaclan’s ankle, right between her armored wings and her shin guard. Once the clear plastic are removed, the Armor Wings are free to move along the lengths of Clalaclan’s lower limb..

Clalaclan’s Armor Dress is something of a marvel. Her Armor Dress’ details flows all the way to the pleads of her dress.


I have only one dislike about her Armor Dress. The end of the blue upper layer ends with an arrow head.

This arrow head will have no problem to anyone if it was made of cloth. Since the figurine is made of plastic, this arrow head functions, well, like an arrow head. Even thought the arrow heads DO scratch me a few times, the better concern is the fact that the arrow heads WILL catch on things easily. A quick pull on the arrow head might result on the arrow heads flying AWAY from Clalaclan, something no one wants to see.

You might had noticed by now, that Clalaclan’s do not come with her shield out of the box. You will have to attach it yourself. In order to put of the shield, you will have to …. err…. rip Clalaclan’s hand off.


From the photo above, you can see that although the hand that was ripped off will probably be left in the box for years to come, it was nonetheless, as detailed as her right hand. And yes, that is Holo’s dress you see in the picture.
To see more of “The Hand” you can follow the picture’s link and look at it at your leisure in my Flickr site.

And here is “The Hand”, crawling towards Holo…

And Holo do not really care about it, since she is busy dancing.

Although I had snapped Saber Lily’s pictures first, for some reason, I felt the need for Clalaclan’s post to come up first. Please wait patiently for Saber Lily’s Caliburn’s post to be up. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of the two knights in my hosue…

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