Why buying the correct power supply is important.

Here is my Core 2 computer, without power……..
And why is this so?

In order to troubleshoot what is causing my games to glitch, I had previously exchanged my 750w power supply with my 500w. The power works fine, and the problem was resolved by changing the video card.

Having nothing to do today, I had decided to fix up my Core 2 Duo station, so that I can do some major backing up which was long overdue.


    Yes…. the good old Core 2 Duo…

After fixing the 24pin power into the motherboard, I proceed to fix up the 8 pin power plug (aka ATX_12V_2X4)…..
Which looks like this.

But to my horror….
Yes. 4 pins and 6 pins… There are no 8 pins.

Trying to fix the power in… I ended up with a half filled 8 pin slot…..

And a 3/4 filled 8 pin…..

And so I ended up having to get a new power supply all over again… Sigh. Who knew that a Core 2 Duo motherboard would require a 8 pin, while a i5 Quad Core motherboard only requires a 4 pin power for the processor. Just my luck.

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