History of iPhone, In memory of Steve Jobs…

Saw this video made by CNET UK…

CNET UK Presents: History of the iPhone, dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs from Drew Stearne on Vimeo.

The animation, although is dedicated to Steve Jobs, is actually very true to its title. From the animation, you will realised that, Steven Jobs did not had any of the compenent, or ideas, under his name. But his decision as the CEO of the company to go promote the idea of a hone that have a touch screen for most of the functional butons meant that the company will embark on a different journey different from many of the major market holders.

Steve Jobs’ decision shifted the world’s concept of a smart phone. It made the concept of dedicated physical buttons obselete for people who do not do a lot of texting on their phones.

And after laughing at Apple’s design for a while, they suddenly realised that, some people do like a phone which offers softkey.

And they are still trying to catch up to Apple, by releasing one phone after next, which follows the concept of having a full touch screen for navigation and communications.

So, what kind of phones do you like?

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