AFA 2011 Day 2

AFA day 2 means the start of cosplay frenzy for me….

On Day 2 of AFA, I woke up shagged, partly due to the Hatsune Miku concert I attended the day before. As written on the previous post, the crowd was really unexpected. Even more unexpected was that the organizers decided to used back the semi transparent screen. The 3D animation was as fluid as the ones we saw both in the “Mikupolis” as well as the “39 Thanks giving concert”.

Coming back to day 2 of AFA, what really kicks off my day was the sight of shops, shops, and more shops selling anime items.

Here’s Rapid Culture…



And Even Kurocha was there…

And of course, like others, Jeremy brought all his wares down…


Danny setup his Mirai Millennium Booth at the middle of the Hall.

And attracted a bunch of Fans to ogle at his daughters.

Speaking of daughters, a booth was specially set aside so that people could display their daughters in full glory…

And Here is a portrait of Miku…

And of Sayaka…

And Saber prefers to sit down like a Lady today…

And Ika Musume decided to bring her smaller sisters for the exhibition too…

Speaking of sisters…. here are Danny’s girls…

While walking around, I saw “that PVC that I never ordered”…..


Yes. Homura. Though I really like this particular PVC, I decided to bite the bullet, and NOT to Pre-order her.

And finally, here are some of the Cosplayers I captured…


Errrr… ok, she is with one of the shops. you can see the wares her shop was selling.

Here is Kenpachi….
before he harden his hair.

Mami brought along her Big Guns…

While Rin brought along her twin brother, Len…

The Zakus took a walk in the exhibition grounds…

Kakashi decided to do some Jitsu for me while reading…..

And we got some serious cosplayers here…

And for some reason, I spotted this Reimu, a PVC that I never seen before…

At 3pm, I was “invited” to the Wheelathon by my friends, to take photos for them. Although the rain did stop when it was my friend’s turn to race, the earlier competitions carried on while it was raining, drenching everyone without an umbrella or raincoat.

After he copeititin, I head back to the Suntec convention hall for the “I love anirock” concert.

Arriving about 20 minutes late for the concert due to a series of unfortunate events (the major ones nvolves the Wheelathon starting 1 hour later than scheduled), I only caught the last song by Sea*A.

With all her might, Lisa sang the ending theme of angel beats. The cheering continued even after She ended up in tears, and ended only when she finally exited the stage.

For Flow, they really brought the house down. through balloting, I actually won Flow’s poster, with their signatures on it, as well as a chance to shake the hands of all 6 members. Whoever wants the poster, you can contact me.

And here is everyone queuing up to get Flow’s poster…

And I left quickly after getting the poster. As above, anyone who wants the poster can contact me.

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