Saber Lily Golden Caliburn 1/7 by Good Smile Review


While Golden Caliburn was released early Feb as an event item, I got mine due to the fact that I went to a shop 6 months later.

I didn’t expect Golden Caliburn to be staring at me from the shelf.
I was expecting to bring something from the shops, since I hadn’t paid them a visit for a while. Then again, I did not expect to find Saber Lily there, let alone, Golden Caliburn version.

And here is Lily in the packing…

Similar to Clalaclan, Saber Lily wore a very large dress. So large that it had to be padded with bubble wraps to be safely transported.


So large that Lily had to be secured to the packing using wires.


And Lily had one wire directly around her, err, blossom.


As well as both her legs…



And theres wires are not small… Here is one piece of wire being compared to Holo…

Holo is just a small “one-coin” type figure here.

After a hard time trying to remove the wires, my Saber Lily is finally been exposed to air for the first time. Though not naked, Saber Lily do expose much more skin as compared to the Distant Avalon version.


Then again, even in her packing, it was obvious that Golden Caliburn will expose more flesh as compared to Distant Avalon.


Even halfway out of her packing, you can already see Saber Lily’s signiture dress in its glory. It is slightly translucent in the middle….


And, if you accidently move lower a bit… you can see Lily’s white pantsu…


Apart from having, errr, very white pantsu, Saber Lily’s most prominent feature is her dress.

Just how promient, you ask?

Well, even before you take Lily out of the transparent packing, you will see the main reason for the huge box…


And yes. She can topple over if you take away the front half of her transparent packaging. From the photo above, you can also see that her dress is well protected with bubble packing.

At this point, the first thing that actually drop out of the packing is, well, the base.

And, Saber’s base, is no ordinary base. On Clalaclan’s review and Vivio’s review, you can clearly see that their bases are, in fact, quite plain.

Good smile, on the other hand, too great pains to make their base stand out. For example, the game where Saber Lily came from is very clearly imprinted on the base.


The whole based is based on an aged red and white checked marble floor. Why aged? well, there are cracks all over the base. And to add more details to the base, Good Smile choose to displayed the battle damaged done to the floor as well…

Coming back to the dress, upon closer inspection, you can see that the details of Lily’s dress is, just, amazing.
If you had noticed, the middle of her dress in, well, translucent. You can actually make out her thighs very clearly.
With her armour removed, Saber Lily’s Armour dress became a princess’ dress straight out of a fairy tale.
And yes. the dress does look like a flower.
And of course, her dress do end in point edges, just like the game.


And of course. If you do not want anything to be caught with those pointed edges, try not to move Lily around too much. And, yes, since I was taking close up of Lily’s dress and moving it around, I did caught parts of my furnitures on that dress. Believe me, every time something was caught, it scared the hell out of me.

And this is how Lily’s dress looked like from the back…

Well, her dress is opaque from the back. You can’t see anything else unless you are super man with Xray eyes.

As for the top part of Lily’s dress, the details are still consistent.

Notice that between her collar and her top, are just, well, skin? If Lily was real, I wonder how long the top of her dress will stay on when she is battling Archer…

Here is another view….

In this view, we can clearly conclude something. Her dress will not stay up too long. One tug, and her top comes off. Take note that the lower part of the dress is multi-layered, which means that the dress will be quite heavy at the bottom, if it was ever made.

And here is a very suggestive front view…

And a very seductive back view…


Notice again, that Saber almost bare all for her top? How the hell can everything stay on her if they are pretty much unconnected? I wonder…

For those who are observant, you might had noticed something. Where is Lily’s weapon? Well, I didn’t take it up until later…

The details on the scabbard are quite amazing for a mass production item that costed less tha USD$200.


It will not take long for you to take notice that, apart from all the symbols that were painted with details, there are inscriptions on both the scabbard, as well as the Excalibur itself, just like in the legend.


On one side of the scabbard, you will find a translucent mounting point protuding from the scabbarb…


which coressponds to the mounting hole in Lily’s left hand as shown below…


For some reason, it doesn’t matter whether Lily is holding her weapons or not. She just looked great…


Here is a close-up of her left hand, with the scabbard. It is quite a fit, just as if Lily was holding to the scannard herself.


And so, this is the fully assembled Saber Lily, Golden Caliburn….


Stay tuned for a review of Saber, super movable edition. Of course, it is a nendoroid.

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