Scandal Tour Aftermath….

I landed in Singapore this morning at 5am, taking the overnight flight from Kansai to Singapore. The weather at both lands are good, and I did see a lot of nice night scenery while on the plane. Too bad, my most powerful lens with me is my Canon 50mm F1.4. On my Canon 7D, it is less suited for low light photography as compared to the 5D Mk2 and the 1Ds/x.

Then again, as limited as it is, I can still manage to take something like this….


Hmmmm….. wished that you were with me, watching it. It is quite nice.

For now, the photos are being uploaded into my workstation. For 225GB worth, it took 2 hours over a USB cable.

Well, at least I can enjoy my bottle of “Afternoon Red Tea” while catching up with everything I didn’t get to do while travelling in Japan.


Till the photos get transffered, I will be checking my emails. Stay with me at Josephtavern for my trip in Japan.

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